WEFOUNDSpanish for Construction - Manual with audio CD and Click It CD-ROM by Workplace Spanish (R) (English and Spanish Edition)

“Compendium of grievances: Catalonia is a nation that is being discriminated against, that cannot freely develop its cultural and economic potential. Uncover, establish, assess and disseminate evidence of discrimination, deficiencies, etc. in a clear, assertive and systematic way. Underscore the negative effects that this has on the Catalan people as a whole and on each one of its citizens.”

This quote is not taken from anything written in recent years, when the separatist process officially got underway. It actually dates back to 1990, when the Catalan government – then still under longtime leader Jordi Pujol – entrusted a group of Catalan intellectuals with the drafting of a document entitled “The Strategy of Catalanization.”

The 20-page document was presented in the fall of that year, and it marked the beginning of the creation of a pro-independence rhetoric that would ultimately turn Spain into the source of all evil. That’s when construction work began on creating an enemy of the Catalan people. First it was “Spain doesn’t understand us.” Later it became “Spain is robbing us.” And finally, the message evolved into “Spain is oppressing us.”