Vauxhall 25 HP G-Series was introduced in August 1936 and produced until 1939.
Vauxhall Ten , Series H, has a 1203-cc (63.5x95 mm) OHV Four engine, three-speed gearbox, 7 ft 10 in wheelbase and 5.00-16 tyres.
Vauxhall Twelve is a 12 HP six-light variant of the Ten. It has a longer body and wheelbase (8 ft 5¼-in), 5.25-16 tyres and a larger-bore engine (69.5 x 95 mm, 1442 cc).
Vauxhall Fourteen Six , Series J. looks like Twelve is slightly larger with a wheelbase of 8 ft 9 in, 5.50-16 tyres and built-out boot. Its 1781-cc (61.5x100 mm) six-cylinder OHV engine is good for 30 mpg and 70 mph.