WEFOUNDLights of the Veil

There’s a concept in Sufism called the Veil of Light which at its lowest level of meaning’s the idea someone can be so convinced of their own inherent goodness they believe they’re entitled to do and get away with anything simply because of their good intentions.

You can point out to them that what they’re doing’s ten times worse than anything the opposition’s done and they’ll carefully explain to you even though it might LOOK that way what the other side’s doing is actually the very epitome of depravity and evil, whereas what they’re doing is merely the equivalent of a surgeon cutting away cancer and therefore at worst a necessary evil.

Persist (especially in pointing out they started the whole thing in the first place) and they’ll merely observe clearly it’s not a case of them wearing the Veil of Light but you wearing the Veil of Darkness, meaning therefore you’re simply another malignly intentioned person who’ll eventually have to be dealt with if their good intentions’re to prevail.