WEFOUNDI Dream of My Lady in Red: (Large Print Edition)

Dreaming of a penis normally denotes your own desires for the male organ of fertility, or the association of having sex and perhaps leading to loving children. The phallic symbol in a dream is also representative of your own aggressive nature to penetrate, overcome, and dominate your daily situations. Embrace the positives of the penis dream as a self awareness of a powerful symbolic sense of progression, and pushing forward.

I had a dream about my husband and I sitting on the edge of the bed. All of a sudden his penis is erect and hairy. So he starts shaving it.

I dreamt I (female) was at the house of a famous male comedian helping him get ready for an important party. We were friends and I gave him oral pleasure. After he came a lot, he allowed me to bite his penis off, and he was happy about it. We discussed where we should put it, and finally he allowed me to make the decision because he needed to finish with the party.