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The character has appeared in several other media adaptations, usually in his earlier bullying incarnation. In film, he is portrayed by Joe Manganiello in Spider-Man , Chris Zylka in The Amazing Spider-Man , and Tony Revolori in Spider-Man: Homecoming .

Created by writer Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko , Flash Thompson first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15 (August 1962), the same issue Spider-Man first appeared in. He was a regular character in The Amazing Spider-Man series for its first four years, leaving the cast in The Amazing Spider-Man #47 (April 1967) to serve in the Vietnam War. Though he reappeared in the comic a few times while on leave, he did not return to the regular cast until issue #105 (February 1972). [2]

Though the relationship between Flash Thompson and Spider-Man's alter ego Peter Parker gradually became more cordial over the years, the major turning point towards their becoming friends was in The Amazing Spider-Man #138 (November 1974), in which Thompson lets Parker room with him after all his other friends and acquaintances turned him away. [2]