WEFOUNDThe Biography of Physicist Dr. J. Joseph Brown and His Discovery of the Human Soul

Biography is a documentary television series with three separate original broadcast runs; in syndication (1961-1964), a short return to syndication (1979), and the current run on cable television ( A&E (1987-2006), moved to A&E's Biography Channel/FYI (2006 to 2012)). Each episode was accompanied by a narration, using stock footage, on-camera interviews, and photographs of the people's lives, who grew up. Biography was expanded into a franchise with a revival 2017 on TV as a banner for mini-series and movies ( Biography Movies series) across A&E Networks 's channels.

Initially, most of the episodes featured the life stories of historical figures (similar to the original version) or present political or social leaders. People such as William Shakespeare , Charles Dickens , Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart , Enrico Caruso , and Eva PerĂ³n were profiled. After a few years, however, the show began producing episodes on figures from pop culture , including Britney Spears , Al Pacino , Johnny Depp , and Marilyn Manson . This move away from purely intellectual subject matter has been criticized by some. [1]

Figures covered from the business and technology world include Sam Walton , Sergey Brin and Larry Page , J. C. Penney , Dave Thomas , Colonel Sanders , Bernie Marcus , and Arthur Blank .