WEFOUNDProcedures Manual for Routine Diagnostic Tests: v. 1

A standard operating procedure manual reviews the core procedures in any business to ensure quality and efficiency in the delivery of goods and services.

A business or organization can more effectively facilitate training of new employees with the use of well-written standard operations procedures. Beyond training, an SOP manual gives existing team members a resource for less-frequently used procedures, ensuring procedures are done with the correct protocol, maintaining quality control. Writing a standard operating procedures manual requires having a clear understanding of the steps involved in any particular process.

Look at all of the core processes that your company has. Start to define which processes will be outlined and mapped in the SOP maual. While you might not map every last process, it is important to establish the most fundamental and important ones. For example, a restaurant might define core processes as to how a particular signature dish is made. Just as important is the process for cleaning the restaurant. Create a list of your core processes so you can integrate each one into the SOP manual after mapping it.