WEFOUNDAs A Devil's Plaything

A/N: Don't ask where I was going with this. I've been into Mephonic lately, and after browsing deviantart for a while, I decided to write something different and well… smutty. I noticed that there aren't that many Mephonic stories out there, and I said, ta'hell with it, I'mma gonna write it. This is pretty much lemon practice, so, enjoy. No criticism or flames, guys. This is just a drabble, and I'm tired of all the butthurts pointing out all the petty flaws of my stories. Just read the damn thing and enjoy it; sheesh!

The low, distressed groan sounded somewhat dazed, as the owner of the spoken sentence tried to pull his broken body together. He was trapped in between reality and space, where stars and nebulas swarmed around him in a maddening, spiraling, yet tiring haze. He arched his back, sucked in his breath, and then let out a soft mewl of protest- the other wasn't listening to him.

The hot, humid feel on his neck was soon pulled away from him, as his captor seemed to reposition himself above him. The hand in-between his legs below felt up to his crotch, sending off waves of unwanted (wanted?) pleasure. The hand at his tail was felt sliding up his back to the arch in it, as the captive found himself trying to pull away from the erotic sensations building below. The elegant movements from the hands of his supposed owner were sending him into a bliss he at first had tried to fight. How long this would go on, he hadn't any clue, but he wasn't sure now if he really wanted it to stop…it just felt so good …