WEFOUNDDrums of Change (Women of the West #12) (Janette Oke Classics for Girls)

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The stillness of the mountains, the pines covering the hillsides, the gurgle of the spring... this was her homeThe prairie fires that sweep the grazing lands, the coming of white men with their guns and diseases, and the quick slaughter of the vast buffalo herds leave Running Fawns Blackfoot tribe with little choice but to take up residence on the assigned Reserve. All her life, Running Fawn has known only contentment, but now what will become of her hopes and dreams?

The Chiefs son, Silver Fox, and Running Fawn are chosen to attend classes at the Mission Boarding School in Calgary. The white mans way of life isnt the only thing confusing to Running Fawn; the white mans God both frightens and intrigues her. Could this God indeed be the creator of the land she loves so dearly? Will she be forced to choose between the ways of her people and the man she loves?