WEFOUNDThe True Death (The True Death Series) (Volume 1)

In 1953, Frank Olson, a scientist working for the CIA, died when he fell from a 13th floor window of the Hotel Statler on Seventh Avenue in what was originally ruled a suicide.

The mysteries surrounding Olson’s death involve secret CIA experiments with LSD and mind control, and are the focus of “Wormwood,” a new docudrama premiering Friday on Netflix.

Created by true crime heavy-hitter Errol Morris (1988’s “The Thin Blue Line”), it’s being released simultaneously as a streaming miniseries and in select theaters (including the Metrograph on 7 Ludlow Street in Manhattan). “[True crime] is trying to have some certainty in a world in which so much is in flux,” says Morris, 69. “We live in a time where there’s such a glut of information. The Internet has provided this huge canvas of material. This question emerges: how do we separate truth from fiction? True crime asks, ‘Who did it? What happened?’ It may be the deepest set of questions you can ask about the world around you.”