WEFOUNDKlatrer flammen (Norwegian Edition)

The seventh I flew upo to Townsville, where I am now, and spent two nights in a hostel downtown before I moved up to my room on campus. The first week was kind of lonely, since I was the only one on my floor, but it was nice, and a little weird, to be alone for a while and just get settled in to my room figuring out where things were on campus. But during the week all of my roommates moved in and they are so great. We all get along really well and we hang out all the time just sitting in the kitchen talking, eating and drinking beer.

This week has been O-week (orientation week) so thhere has been a lot going on. Lots of seminars and courses, free food, some entertainment, some competitions and A LOT of information. But its been great, I’ve made so many new friends and had so much fun.

Classes doesn’t start until next week, but i’m a little excited allready. I have a good schedule, with every friday off and no classes before 9am 🙂 I still don’t have my text books, but i’m waiting for one that’s been sent in the mail today so I’ll probably have by monday or tuesday. Tonight it’s even more free food 🙂 free barbeque at the common room and a concert at the club later, so I think it will be a good night 🙂