WEFOUNDOuttakes from the Grave (Night Huntress Book 8)

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The first four Night Huntress books were the first books I had ever written, and I never thought they’d be published because I hadn’t started trying to get published at that point. I wrote them for me, which meant that I took more time to explore the characters through alternate scenarios, multiple side plots, additional backstory, additional love scenes, and increased personal revelations.

When it came time to shop the novels , I had to take out a lot of that material in order to condense the stories to meet average word count lengths. Later, even more content was taken out during the editorial process. However, I saved all that extra material. Over the years, I posted a scene or two to show readers some of what didn’t make it into the published novels, and I was surprised and delighted when readers requested more. Last year, I posted a large, alternate “middle” version of Destined For An Early Grave on my blog, and when I asked readers if they wanted to see more alternate versions, the answer was a resounding yes.

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