WEFOUNDTurn Coat: The Dresden Files, Book Eleven: 11 (The Dresden Files series)

4. Score and bake
There is a traditional way of forming a Dresden stollen. I use a different, simple way used for stollen from Thuringia (another region in Germany). It's easier and the stollen are less flat, so they are also moister. Basically, you just make a log and then you score it with a single cut all the away down the stollen's back. That's it. I score the stollen directly before putting it into the oven. I don't preheat the oven, just pop it in and bake it at 180°C for approx. 1-1,5 hours. Keep a watchful eye on the stollen. Cover it with aluminium foil if it has turned brown before its time and adjust the time according to the size of the stollen.

Great thoughts for holiday baking and for life in general! Making this on Stir up Sunday along with steaming the Plum Pudding will have them both ready for enjoying for Christmas family gatherings. I sense the beginning of a new tradition for my kitchen.

I've made stollen for so many years that people kind of expect receiving one the week of Christmas. This year though with your pictures and clear directions they will be in for a bigger treat than ever. Thank you for sharing your recipe and procedures.