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Hi, all! ZenoNoKyuubi here. Because of the fact that I saw the fic Heir of Dracula to be very, very disappointing, mediocre at best, I have decided to 'redo' it, so to speak. Therefore, I now give you the first chapter of the new and improved Heir of Dracula! Don't expect any lightning fast updates, as I want to get ahead in the fic before I start posting them. I just posted this chapter because I wanted your opinions on it.

Before we begin, I'd just like to clarify Eric Potter's position in this fic. Harold Dracula, formerly Harry Potter, was born in '77, instead of '80, so he is three years older than Eric, who takes the position 'role' of canon!Harry. Of course, there are several differences, but for now, he will be the 'canon!Harry,' while Harold is the real BWL, who ran away from home at an early age.

The venerable Count Vlad III Dracula lay in a pool of his own blood, which was soaking into the red velvet-carpeted stairs leading up to his throne, his bone-white hair splayed around his head as he coughed weakly. A wooden stake was sticking out of his chest, having pierced his un-beating heart.