WEFOUNDStandards in Manual Handling

The FDA Data Standards Manual (DSM) is a compilation of standardized nomenclature monographs that have been reviewed and approved by the FDA Data Standards Council through their Vocabulary Standards Work Group (VSWG) and through CDER Nomenclature Standards Committee (NSC). These nomenclature standards are considered binding upon all new automated databases, and upon all existing automated databases when undergoing a major redesign.

In 2013, CDER officially phased out use of the CDER-maintained Data Standards Manual (monographs) in favor of using recognized data standards from SDOs. The original monographs have been consolidated and archived, retired, or subsumed by other data standards sources. For the status of a specific monograph, please follow the corresponding link on the left. If you would like to find information or propose a change on the current data standards, please follow the corresponding instructions at CDER Data Standards Program .

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