WEFOUNDVor: Into the Maelstrom (Vor: The Maelstrom)

VOR: The Maelstrom is a science fiction miniature wargame , set in the 22nd century. It was published by FASA in 1999, but was discontinued following FASA's cessation of activities in 2001. The rules are written for 28mm skirmish games and include both set forces and rules for creating custom forces.

In the VOR universe, the Earth has been sucked into a pocket universe known as the Maelstrom. Factions in the game include the following:

The setting allowed players to include new forces as other worlds are consumed by the Maelstrom and had guidelines to create rules for them. Unfortunately the complete custom force rules were never published. Since Vor went out of print, other games such as Ætherverse have offered universal design systems.