WEFOUNDClassics Illustrated Junior No. 565: The Silly Princess

Trajectory, Inc. announced today that the iconic Classics Illustrated comic graphic novel series is now available on the Apple App Store. The series consists of over 120 digital graphic novels presented in a comic book format with robust color illustrations that introduce great literature to readers of all ages. Trajectory is collaborating with iVerse Media and Apple, Inc. the leading provider of smartphones and tablets to deliver the series on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

The Classics Illustrated digital comic app is free to download and features an extended preview of several issues at no additional cost and offers Classics Illustrated regular series for $3.99 each and Classics Illustrated Junior series for $1.99 each. The Classics Illustrated app is shipping with over 30 digital comics available and more will be added every week on “Classic Wednesday”. Also included in the app is the acclaimed Classics Illustrated Special Interest series and introductory ‘discovery pricing’ at $.99 cents for featured Staff Favorite titles.

Classics Illustrated are illustrated adaptations of traditional literature, non-fiction and biographies. The CI series includes folktales, myths, epics, legends, fables that have been passed down by storytellers for hundreds, even thousands, of years to enlighten and entertain generations of listeners, young and old. According to William B. Jones, Jr., author of Classics Illustrated A Cultural History, “Classics Illustrated was the most successful series of its kind, outdistancing all competitors and successors in terms of print distribution and circulation. It was considered one of the largest children’s publication of any kind in the world.”