WEFOUNDSketchbook: Unicorn Drawing Pad, 110 Blank Pages, Extra large (8.5 x 11) White paper, Sketch, Draw, Doodle, Paint and Write.

No one knew what to make of her; the unicorn refused to follow the script many of the citizen expected of her. She did not seek out virgins or children or girls or innocents. Instead, the unicorn attached herself to specific people: a prostitute, a poor black girl, a self-conscious teenager.

This especially offended a snotty, rich, white girl, so her parents demanded the city’s leading academic in mythological scientific research investigate this problematic unicorn.

One, the unicorn disliked anyone who was bigoted, cruel, or spoiled. Second, the unicorn was not above violence; while she would not harm anyone, if those she had sought out were cowed or bullied or threatened, she would wield her horn like a rapier and drive the attackers away. Third, this was not liked by the citizens of small town P—. But one does not drive off a unicorn so easily.