Pale Fire is the fifth studio album by El Perro Del Mar released on 13 November 2012 on Memphis Industries , The Control Group and INGRID .

The album received positive to mixed reviews. Kevin Leidel of Slant Magazine called it "one of the most beguiling and unique offerings of the Swedish pack" saying Assbring "consistently displays a steady hand with her experimentation". [8] Prefix praised "effortless knack for poetic personification", referring to 'I Was a Boy' a "humbling, devastating, quiet pop ballad". [9] Pitchfork while generally positive, expressed disappointment in light of the 2011 release 'What Do You Expect', stating, "the idea of a dance album from El Perro Del Mar is tantalizing: tears on the floor and a thick, moody fog in the air, as apt for dancing as for watching shadows". [10]