WEFOUNDSitecom4xx. WPA and WPA2 Sitecom routers Keygen Audit.

Vulnerable Sitecom routers with the ESSID 'SitecomXXXXXX', with initial BSSID '00:0C:F6:' and '64:D1:A3:', and the models 'WL-XXX', 'WLM-XXXX' and 'WLR-XXXX'.

The main features are the Wireless Network scanner, dictionary generator WPA and WPA2 keys for Sitecom routers, connection to open wireless networks and the Sitecom vulnerable routers.

There is a donate version without ads that includes more features, including these new features are included the dictionary generator for WPA and WPA2 key networks ESSID modified by calculating the WPA and WPA2 key from BSSID, besides the on/off button, turbo mode to speed up the wireless network scanner.