WEFOUNDStunt Kites!: A Complete Flight Manual of Maneuverable Kites

When did the history of stunt kites begin? Putting it another way, since when have kites had 2 or more lines attached for doing tricks and stunts? I've had a scout around, and here's a few details! As time goes by, I'll make this history of stunt kites more complete and accurate. But for the time being, I reckon it's a fair overview of the development of stunt kiting.

Possibly the first recorded 2-liner was made and flown by a Swiss man, Dr. Colladon, in the mid 1800's . His steerable kites were apparently based on the arch-top single liner which was popular at the time.

Have you seen old illustrations featuring a diamond-like design with a curved top edge? That's the arch-top.

Following on to this was the so-called Davis Star. This steerable kite was invented in the late 1800's and inspired by the hexagonal single-liners of the day.