WEFOUNDSynopsis of the British Basidiomycetes: A Descriptive Catalogue of the Drawings and Specimens, in the Department of Botany British Museum (Classic Reprint)

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Constitution can be defined as’ a document having a special legal sanctity which sets out the framework and the principal functions of the organs of government within the state that declares the principals by which those organs must operate’. Another definition which defines the constitution is’ It is used to describe the whole system of government of a country, the collection of rules which establish and regulate or govern the government’. Constitutions can be codified or uncodified depending on the country. For example United States and India has a written constitution, whereas United Kingdom, New Zealand, Israel has an uncodified constitution.

UK is called a unitary state where power is accumulated in the centre unlike the other federal states where they follow a pattern of decentralization of power called separation of powers. British Constitution does not follow a pure separation of powers with each branch of state completely separated. There are different opinions about separation of powers, as for some having no clear separation of power is an advantage and for some disadvantage in the British Constitution.