WEFOUNDBlood and Grit

Ray and Thomas McCall, as well as their less-violent younger brother Williams, are the focus of "Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood," an M-rated shooter developed by Techland for Ubisoft.

The tragic tale of sibling rivalry, lust and greed is actually a prequel to the original "Call of Juarez." It’s the back story of "Reverent Ray," starting with his days in the Confederate army defending Atlanta and continuing through his quest for lost Aztec gold. It’s populated by everyone you’d expect in a game based on the Old West: shady gunslingers, Mexican bandits, renegade Confederates and Native Americans.

Before each mission, you can choose whether to play as the rugged duelist Ray or the agile sharpshooter Thomas. Their paths will sometimes diverge a bit — with Thomas doing a lot more climbing and sniping and Ray barrelling straight into the fight with twin six-shooters blazing — but they rarely spend much time separated.