WEFOUNDThermodynamics. Manual, 5 th ed. / Termodinamika. Uchebnik, 5-e izd.

The Gibbs-SeaWater (GSW) Oceanographic Toolbox contains the TEOS-10 subroutines for evaluating the thermodynamic properties of pure water (using IAPWS-09) and seawater (using IAPWS-08 for the saline part). The GSW library does not provide properties of ice or moist air (these properties can be found in the SIA library). This GSW Oceanographic Toolbox does not adhere to strict basic-SI units but rather oceanographic units are adopted.

Note that all the information buttons on the left below are independent of MATLAB, FORTRAN, C or PHP while the buttons on the right are for downloading the GSW Oceanographic Toolbox in these computer languages. The GSW Toolbox contents is particularly useful because it provides links to web pages which describe the thermodynamic theory behind each of the functions. Many of these web pages are intended to assist oceanographers gain confidence with the TEOS-10 thermodynamic approach to seawater. Again, you can access this information from these links on the left below without having MATLAB or being a MATLAB user.

The GSW toolbox has been developed in Maltab. It is currently being translated into other languages, if you wish to see the current progress or wish to participate in translating the code visit the development repository at http://www.github.com/TEOS-10