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Ryan Lewis was born on March 25, 1988 to Julie and Scott Lewis. Lewis has two sisters, Teresa and Laura, four years and two years older than he is, respectively. [1] At an early age, he played guitar in rock bands with his childhood best friend Ryan Sanson, and nursed a growing interest in music production around the age of 15. He attended Ferris High School in Spokane, Washington and graduated from Roosevelt High School in Seattle. He graduated from the University of Washington majoring in Comparative History of Ideas. [2] [3]

Lewis became a professional photographer and videographer . In 2008 he released his debut extended play, Instrumentals , with four alternative hip hop songs. [4] [5] In the same year, Lewis collaborated with Rhode Island-based emcee Symmetry in a self-titled work, released as an LP. [6] [7]

Lewis first met Macklemore in 2006, [8] but only in 2009 they formalized the collaboration with Macklemore as the duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and released the EP The VS. EP . [9]