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Uploaded by SheliaDeRoche on July 28, 2009

Uploaded by SheliaDeRoche on July 28, 2009

Welcome to all the new visitors who have found the way to Mason-Dixon Knitting. Thanks for coming! Don’t be a stranger! We’re here every day.

It’s true: we publish every single day. We believe there is something interesting to share with you all the damn time, so we pride ourselves on bringing you the world of knitting in all its glory—patterns, yarns, books, how to, even more yarns, and goings on in the knitting world. You will find inspiration, advice, and shopping, too. (If you’re wondering who we are, well, here’s that story .)

We publish early every morning, and we have a lot of readers who tell us we are the first thing they read every day. If you read MDK consistently, you will develop an excellent understanding of what is special in the knitting world. You’ll see the most extraordinary patterns, meet the most interesting designers, and learn about yarns that are unusual, rare, and gorgeous. You can shop for these yarns, too.