WEFOUNDMysterious Max: (#1) (Jeffrey and the Third Grade Ghost)

Max (マックス, Makkusu ), also known by his hero alias Lightning Max (イナズマックス, Inazumakkusu ), is the A-Class Rank 19 professional hero for the Hero Association .

Lightning Max is a young man with blonde hair that is slicked back and tapered to a point. He has a prominent widows peak, relatively thick eyebrows, dark lines around his eyes, and a lightning symbol on his left cheek. He wears a tight fitting outfit that consists of a tank top, shorts, long socks and sleeves that go from mid-bicep to mid-forearm. His hero outfit is black with yellow lining, and lightning symbols emblazoned on all the pieces of his outfit.

Max is shown to think ahead and spy on his target to know how to defeat them but it is shown that he has some doubt in his abilities. After his defeat at the hands of the Sea King he attempts to make himself stronger.