WEFOUNDKing of Ashes: Library Edition (Firemane Saga)

Varrock Palace is the official residence of the king of Misthalin , as well as the nation's primary diplomatic and military centre. Since the Fourth Age , Varrock Palace has been a hub of economic, political, and social development within Misthalin. The Palace currently houses King Roald Remanis III and his wife, Queen Ellamaria Remanis . As their full-time residence, it is equipped with kitchens, barracks, dining areas, a church , a large garden, troop housing areas, and other facilities.

The Palace is also a diplomatic hub, attracting ambassadors and business representatives from all over Gielinor . Virtually every non-hostile race and nation has established some type of peaceful tie with Misthalin, and most have operated in some way through the Palace. The Varrock Library, one of the largest in the world, is also housed here.

Amongst players, the Palace is popular for its guards , who are commonly killed for combat training and pickpocketed for thieving training and profit. It also houses a farming patch and several species of tree for woodcutting . Its connection to Varrock Square and the Grand Exchange makes it a popular route of travel. The Palace also plays a large role in a number of quests and other in-game activities.