WEFOUNDKeep Calm and Color -- Tranquil Trees Coloring Book (Adult Coloring)

The Keep Calm and Carry On messages are fun and popular. You can make a custom Keep Calm poster for Christmas, for an event, for a campaign, for your friends, for your advertisement campaign… for anything, basically!

Now, on a creative and inspiration note, let me show you some great ways you could make your poster. For the last few years they have spiked ridiculously high on social media channels and blog posts… but they’ve been around since the Second World War. The first Keep Calm poster was actually asking London inhabitants to keep calm because of the daily raids they’ve been experiencing.

As mentioned above, the first Keep Calm posters have appeared in 1941 with a complete different meaning that we know nowadays. And you know what they say – back to basics to the Londoner poster and its first variations.