WEFOUNDZane Grey's Stories of the West (1955 series) #1 FC #555

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After closing his dental practice Grey was able to devote much time to writing novels, articles, and short stories based on his adventures. Lina tolerated his long absences--she was a hearty supporter of his writing career, assisted in business matters, and helped edit his manuscripts. Although Grey initially met much rejection from publishers, he self-published his first novel Betty Zane (1903), which is based on the lives of his illustrious ancestors;

After buying the sailboat Fisherman in 1924, Grey set off on many high seas fishing adventures in the waters surrounding Fiji, the Galapagos Islands, the Florida Keys, Catalina Island (where he also maintained a residence), Tahiti, Nova Scotia, Australia, and New Zealand. The Great Depression had little effect on Grey's career; he wrote prolifically up to the year of his death and has had many posthumous works published. Zane Grey died on 23 October 1939 at home in Altadena, California, and now rests in the Union Cemetery of Lackawaxen, Pike County, Pennsylvania, Dolly beside him.