WEFOUNDA Guide to Science and Belief (Lion Manual)

This Guide to Civilization 5 with Brave New World and Gods and Kings features will teach you all about raising your Civ's Science output during the course of a game. This should be helpful to players who are struggling to outpace the AI on Prince and higher, while also providing a comprehensive list of things that affect Science to help people max their Science. We'll cover the various things that increase Science and how you can raise your beakers higher with the right Technologies and build priority.

Before we get to tips to raising Science, let's look at the formula that determines a Civ's total Scientific Output, in the order that they are added and multiplied. This should be of particular help to newcomers to Civ 5, especially players who have recently installed BNW, which extends the end-game by providing more Technologies and making later Techs cost more. By understanding how Science is calculated, the knowledge can be used to maximize your Civ's Science output.

Population IS Science
Population and Science go hand in hand. With no other buildings involved, one Population equals one Science. Higher Population throughout your Empire, or even in a single City = higher Science output. If you want to maximize this based on the lands available to you, read on.