WEFOUNDAn Accident of Stars: Book 1 of the Manifold Worlds

Foz Meadows is the contributor for this week’s Take Five , a regular series in which we ask authors and editors to share five facts about their latest books. Meadows is the author of An Accident of Stars : available now from your favorite book retailer.

2. When building a culture, I always try to pay attention to language. In Kena, where fertility can be controlled by magic, polyamory is the norm, and queerness is accepted, it would make no sense for swear words to hinge on slurring sex or femininity, as they usually do in English, because there’s no historical negative baggage to exploit. Instead, I’ve drawn my insults more from class differences, religion and other places.

3. Viya, my favourite POV character to write, wasn’t originally meant to be in the story at all. But I needed an inside perspective on events happening in one place while my other characters were elsewhere, and she wrote herself onto the page so clearly, it was like she’d always been there.