WEFOUNDSelf-Study Manual on Optical Radiation Measurements, Vol. 1: Concepts, Chapter 6 (Classic Reprint)

Are you able to convince clients, stakeholders and SMEs to cut back on the massive content they load into a course? Do you need to decide whether to include performance support rather than what seems like an entire curriculum?

You may find your answer in the Five Moments of Need model developed by Bob Mosher and Conrad Gottfredson. It delineates five specific conditions or situations in which people require instruction or assistance.

When I first came across this approach, a light bulb turned on. This was exactly what I’d been looking for to cut through the content tug of war I often play. I’ve tried convincing course stakeholders that less content provides more learning. I’ve explained the limitations of working memory and cognitive load. All of this has brought limited success. But nearly everyone can relate to a moment of need.