WEFOUNDThe Parochial History of Cornwall, Vol. 1 of 4: Founded on the Manuscript Histories of Mr. Hals and Mr. Tonkin, With Additions and Various Appendices (Classic Reprint)

The Schools of the Parish are at present a Boys', a Girls', and an Infants' School, in three Departments, and separated from each other by a considerable distance. The history of the original Endowed School may best be given by a Decree of the Court of the Duchy of Lancaster, dated June 25th, 1639. The case is given as between "Robert Smith and John Shirt, plaintiffs, and Arthur Bromley, "defendant," the latter being the master at that time of the Free Grammar School at Pontefract, and receiving the emoluments originally intended for the Master of the Endowed School at Cawthorne.

The amount by which the Parishioners here promised to increase the stipend must he regarded as part of its endowment, making the total income from that source £13 6s. 8d. As in the case of the sums mentioned in the Endowments of the Benefice, this sum would represent a very much larger money value when it was given than it does at the present time.

The old Endowed School has, since 1872, been used, under the care of Miss Ashton, as an Infants' School, a convenient playground having been added to it.