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  • In 1994 Brandon enrolled at Brigham Young University as a Biochemistry major. From 1995-1997 he took time away from his studies to serve as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Brandon often says that it was during this time
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  • Despite my inclination to fantasy novels, I’ve never actually picked up a book by Brandon Sanderson until recently. Not because I avoided his books or anything (on the contrary, I’ve heard many good things about his works); I just hadn’t
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  • Aon Ashe, when drawn correctly, will emit a bright light, without heat, that is enough to illuminate a large room. Most rooms in Elantris had metal plates inscribed ...Elantris (book ) From The Coppermind. Jump to: ... Elantris is a fantasy novel by
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  • In 2005, Brandon Sanderson debuted with Elantris , an epic fantasy unlike any other then on the market. To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Tor is reissuing Elantris in a special edition, a fresh chance to introduce it to the myriad readers who have
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  • The following is a short story I wrote in the  Elantris  world back in January of 2006. At that point, Elantris  had only been out in stores for about seven or eight months, but I actually hadn’t written anything new on the story or world since
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  • Learn more about the fascinating product turbocharger. The story of the early days of turbocharging to date, basic engineering and troubleshooting.All of the listed
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  • Elantris is a fantasy novel by Brandon Sanderson , published in April 2005 by Tor Books. It is Brandons sixth book, his first published book, and currently the earliest published story set in the cosmere . The book, set on the shardworld Sel ,
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  • For extra versatility, the rear seat can be ordered with a 6:4 split-folding feature. It’s perfect for those skis or other long item.
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